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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of adverse reactions can we expect with      vaccinations? Most of the time there are no adverse reactions to vaccines. On occasion, you may see some lethargy. This will subside in a day or two. Rarely, facial swelling or hives will occur. In this event, please call us and we may have you return with your pet. 


What can I do if my pet is negatively affected by storms? Try turning up the television or stereo. Try to avoid coddling or babying your pet. This will only encourage the behavior. 


Do you do grooming? We do baths, nail trims, ear cleaning and  sanitary clips. However, we do not do professional grooming.


When my pet is being boarded, how often are they let outside? They go out at least four times a day. 


I found a stray. Can I bring it to you? Yes, you can bring the stray to us and we will check it for a microchip. From there we will arrange for animal services to look after it. 


Can I give my dog rawhide bones? Yes, as long as you supervise and be sure to take it away if it becomes a choking hazard. 


I just moved to Florida, what do I need to know about this climate and my pet? Heat stroke is a common problem for pets. Limit outside time until your pet acclimates. Allergies can also be a problem year round. If your pet is experiencing them, please feel free to call for advice. Heart-worm prevention should be given year round. Call for more information. 


If in doubt, call us.  





After hours, call A.A. Animal ER Center:


  36402 US HWY 19 N. Palm Harbor

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